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PICTURE THIS PRESS is dedicated to broadening the appreciation and understanding of the artists who work in the fields of illustration, cartooning, graphic arts, photography, and poster design.

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LOST ART BOOKS, the flagship series from Picture This Press, collects and preserves the works of illustrators and cartoonists from the first half of the 20th century. Too many of these artists have gone under appreciated for too long, with much of their work uncollected or unexamined for decades, if at all. The Lost Art Books series aims to preserve this cultural heritage by re-introducing these past masters to new generations of working artists, historians, and admirers of things beautiful.

Joseph Procopio
(founder, co-publisher)

Joseph Procopio has worked in publishing as a writer, editor, and creative director in print and Web media for 30 years. In addition to founding and overseeing Picture This Press, he currently works as a managing editor at an international financial institution. He has a lifelong passion for illustration, cartooning, and the graphic arts.

Ellen Levy

Ellen Levy has worked in publishing and public relations for 25 years. She is an admirer and collector of many media forms, most notably photography and poster art.

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