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The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley Volume One collects hundreds of drawings from a wide array of sources.

Neither volume overlaps with past books on Kley, as nearly none of these drawings have been collected and reprinted since their original publication a century or more ago. Both volumes also provide groundbreaking scholarship on Kley’s life and work by German art historian Alexander Kunkel—whose recent research is presented in these volumes for the first time in English—along with incisive appreciations by contemporary artists Michael Wm. Kaluta and Jesse Hamm.

The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley — Volume 1 focuses on Kley’s ink drawings, and reprints for the first time a substantial selection of his illustration work for children’s books and adult genre fiction, a side of Kley’s career previously unexplored in other collections. This volume also includes a wide sampling of Kley’s cartoons and magazine work, with newly collected examples taken directly from a variety of rare sources such as Jugend, Simplicissimus, and the historic Der Orchideengarten (the world’s first fantasy fiction magazine). In all, over 300 Kley illustrations and cartoons fill this first volume.

Vol. 1 • Black & White • 224 pp. • paperback • 8½”x11” • ISBN: 978-0-9829276-5-6

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The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley — Volume 1
The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley — Volumes 1 & 2
The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley — Volumes 1 & 2
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