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The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley Volume Two collects hundreds of paintings from a wide array of sources.

Neither volume overlaps with past books on Kley, as nearly none of these drawings have been collected and reprinted since their original publication a century or more ago. Both volumes also provide groundbreaking scholarship on Kley’s life and work by German art historian Alexander Kunkel—whose recent research is presented in these volumes for the first time in English—along with incisive appreciations by contemporary artists Michael Wm. Kaluta and Jesse Hamm.

The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley — Volume 2 breaks new ground by being the first book to present a large number of Kley’s paintings and preparatory drawings, some reproduced directly from the original art. These color works reveal a heretofore rarely glimpsed pool of talent, and expand on the subject matter traditionally associated with the artist by including examples of his landscapes and industrial paintings. This volume’s preparatory drawings are culled from the Library of Congress’ untapped Kley archive, and show the artist working out concepts for book illustrations, reworking ink drawings into color paintings, and doodling for his own amusement. Approximately 150 drawings, many in color, appear in this volume.

HARDCOVER • Color • 144 pp. • 8½”x11”

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PAPERBACK • Color • 144 pp. • 8½”x11” • ISBN: 978-0-9829276-7-0

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The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley — Volume 2
The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley — Volumes 1 & 2
The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley — Volumes 1 & 2
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